For us and for all of the members of the Strong Girls Club, we use these three little words as a tool to remind ourselves of just how strong we really are. 

We receive lots of customer comments saying how little ones reach for their tee on the days they need that reminder or want to celebrate their worth.

When our Founder's daughter was about to start school she knew that something was needed when Little Red had to opt for her school uniform rather than her Strong Girls Club tee, and so the hugely popular Strong Girls Club embroidered patch was born. 

Placing one on the inside of her daughter's coat, she knew that it would act as that ever important reminder as she took her first steps into the classroom. By having one in her own coat, it allowed them to remain connected and above all remind them both that They are The Club.

It's now part of her school uniform essentials, giving her gentle boosts through the day and as she spots friends wearing the same it's a way to connect with other club members too.