Strong Girls Club x The HappySelf Journal

Strong Girls Club x The HappySelf Journal

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**We are working on bringing this best-selling collaboration journal back. It should be returning by the beginning of March**

Mutha.Hood and The HappySelf Journal are proud to collaborate on a special edition Strong Girls Club journal.

A daily journal for children aged 6 to 12, based on scientifically proven methods that promote happiness, to develop healthy habits for life and nurture enquiring minds. 

Beautifully illustrated and easy to use, just a few minutes each day can encourage children to express gratitude, reflect on their emotions and think about their actions.

A super soft red outer branded  cover hugs the pages featuring all of The HappySelf Journal prompts and characters.

By filling in the pages it helps to encourage; gratitude practice, growth mindset, kindness, mindfulness, self awareness and digital wellbeing.

Each page contains; A positive quote of the day, the top three things to encourage gratitude, a choice of the emoji of the day to help reflection, and a checklist of the day to help develop  a growth mindset, as well as checklists or a challenge of the day to help develop a growth mindset and foster kindness and self-awareness

Each journal will be dispatched with a Strong Girls Club embroidered patch. 

128 pages, A5 size, 100 gsm premium paper, responsibly sourced paper, 3 months of daily journaling pages, roughly ages 6-12, vegan friendly faux-leather cover material,

Notes from Gemma: I fill this out every day with Big Red. She's 7 years old and I've found that by scribing for her it gives us an opportunity to both talk about events during the day and to offer options has to how to navigate them in future. It's a chance for us to connect and to discuss her emotions. Since making the journal a part of our evening routine I've noticed a dramatic improvement in Big Red's approach to frustrations and experiences that she would perhaps find challenging. It's incredible how the 'top three' things help her to share the happy, and that by picking an emoji of the day we also touch on the sad. It's important for her emotional development that we discuss both, and I love that by filling out the pages I get more from her than 'it was okay,' when I ask about her day at school. I've also become very aware of how much more we now cuddle; by filling it in, it's ensured that safeguarded mother/daughter time is an integral part of our day. In all I LOVE THIS JOURNAL and I can't describe how thrilled I am to be able to collaborate with The HappySelf Journal on this special edition! 





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Love the diary!

My daughter is 5 and she received her first diary for Christmas. Every night we sit down and discuss the page and questions, it’s a nice time for her to sit back and think about her day! I also love it as she tells me so much more about what’s made her happy which she usually wouldn’t say! The tick boxes at the end tend to start conversations. I love it and hopefully part of our new night time routine.

A brilliant way to cue some quality time

I purchased this for my six year old. I was finding that sometimes she wasn’t herself and when I’d ask about her day she would shrug and say she couldn’t remember. This has been a brilliant tool for us to start discussing what’s been going on in her world, she loves all the projects and lists and we had lots of fun thinking up treats for filling it in. Another brilliant item from the The Mutha.Hood. I’m forever finding fantastic brands through her collaborations and suggestions and this HappySelf journal is another brilliant example of this. Also it was beautifully wrapped which made my life much easier in the panic to wrap everything up in time for Christmas.

Happy self Journal

My daughter had this for Christmas and she loves it as do I. We can’t wait to start it. I also had a jumper for Christmas and have just ordered the embroidered burgundy one. 😍

Shop small for amazing products!!! ♥️

I ordered the strong girls club x happy self journal for my daughter who is 9 for Christmas and I can't wait to start filling this out with her. The packaging is out of this world (thank you to Lois) and I also love that you get a strong girls club patch with the journal, I also ordered one for myself so we are matching. Thank you for such speedy and excellent service. I will continue to shop small all thanks to you Gemma @muthahood, I have found the most incredible small businesses all thanks to you. Merry Christmas to you all. Xxx

Happy Self Journal - so happy i bought it

I’m really looking forward to some quality time filling this in with our 5yo but more than that, i really hope (and believe) it will help her develop a habit of taking the time to listen to her own voice. She’ll be so excited by knowing it’s part of THE club and the gorgeous wrapping will probs be kept to add to her washing line of things that she is proud of. Diolch/ thank you