There's more to starting school than pencils, and shiny shoes. We're here to remind your little one that they are The Club on the days where entering that playground in the first few months of starting school can feel a little daunting.

Never underestimate the power of the patch. The Strong Girls Club embroidered iron-on patch was created by our founder, Gemma, for her daughter when she started Reception. Born out of a need to remind her youngest daughter of her strength on the days they were apart, it's now a staple to starting school. Sewn into the inside of her school coat, it's become part of the morning ritual to take a look at it.

Encouraging your children to talk to you at the end of the school day about all they've experienced is incredibly important. We stock a wonderful array of books that support their emotional development and encourage them to talk to you about their feelings

Be it The Colour Monster assisting them in identifying their emotions, or Me and My Fear normalising worries and the value of speaking about them, we've got a book that will help.