Caring for your clothes

We are passionate about the clothes we create and we want, above all, for them to last for you as long as possible so that you can feel amazing and keep on twirling.

Why do I have to read the label?

Our dresses are primarily made with EcoVero viscose which is a more sustainable choice. This is a natural fibre and as such needs a little extra gentle care compared with synthetic fibres like Polyester. We often refer to it as the more affordable option to silk because it gives as beautiful a drape. But we also hope that this provides a mindset of how it likes to be treated.

We test all of our fabric with an independent test house according to our washcare instructions and they pass with flying colours. It's really important that viscose is washed at 30C, where stated. A cheeky extra 10C and therefore washing at 40C, really does make a difference and it stresses those natural fibres and this could result in shrinkage.

It's the same if you put it on a quick wash, or a fast spin, or you pop it in the tumble dryer. All of these choices may well be fine for a man made fibre, but with viscose it's a little more sensitive. The spin cycle is just as important as the temperature that your garment is exposed to. The spin dictates how tussled and tumbled your clothes are in the drum. So try to pick one that says 'Delicates/Silk' rather than 'Cotton' as this is the difference between 400 and 1400 turns of the drum in a minute. This is why we always ask for you to wash cool, on a gentle spin, never tumble dry and don't dry directly on a radiator, we're just trying to remind you that this particular fabric likes the gentle touch.

But what about getting those creases out?

When it comes to when your dress is dry we really find a gentle steam is not only easier for you, but it's also a lovely way of gently relaxing those fibres. There are some great hand held steamers available, but if you don't have one of those you could always pop it on a hanger in your bathroom so that when you're having a shower the steam helps to ease out any creases. 

Will my T-Shirt shrink?

All of our cotton jersey items like tees and sweatshirts use organic cotton. Sometimes, because it's not been chemically treated, you may find this fibre shrinks. So that you don't have to worry about that in terms of what size you're buying and how you might expect the fit to change after the first wash, we've pre-shrunk all of our jersey fabric. This means that there shouldn't be a change in size after washing. Again, this is based on washing according to the washcare which is often recommending 30C, gentle cycle and never to tumble dry.

Do I wash my knit or air it?

When it comes to our knitwear we again have produced a garment that can be machine washed, but we really do suggest hanging it out for a few days. It's common knowledge within the land of knitwear designers that giving your cardigan a good old airing and seeing how you go before popping it in the washing pile is best practice. We definitely think that as a society we're quite wash-heavy. Repeat washing that may not be necessary not only has an impact on the garment, but it also has one on our energy consumption, water usage, and therefore environmental impact and carbon footprint. 

So that's it really from us. If you've got any questions we're always here to chat. But in short we're really keen for everyone to take a moment to read the washcare label and to understand that not all clothes were made the same, and as such they may not want to be washed the same either. Just like people, not all clothes like rollercoasters, saunas or hot tubs.