It's one of life's mysteries; how do I wash my cardigans and jumpers? And we're here to tell you that Less, is Absolutely Best! 

MultiMallow Rainbow Cardigan

Our knits have a percentage of wool in them and as a clever natural fibre it's naturally odour resistant, so most often Airing is Caring. We encourage you to give your knits a little break between wears to let them air and breathe. 

It's best to air your knit outside, or in a steamy room like your bathroom. So when you're having your next morning shower, pop your cardigan on a hanger and let it keep you company whilst it airs. 

If you spill something, we'd always recommend a gentle spot cleaning first before it gets a full-on bath. And if it really does need a good wash, our knits are machine washable. However, it's really important to use wool-specific detergents and to get the spin cycle and the temperature right. If the water is too hot, and the spin speed too aggressive, either of these environments can cause the fibres of your favourite cardigan to tense up. And above all... consider the tumble dryer your cardigan's arch-nemesis. 

Rainbow Funfetti Half Zip Jumper

When you store your knits, it's best to leave them folded in your drawers or wardrobe rather than hanging up, as the the power of gravity can cause the stitch of the yarn to grow.

And when it comes to pilling it's all about management. We test all of our knits to a pilling standard and they all pass. However, this doesn't mean that they are pill-resistant and as with all knitwear that uses an element of wool some bobbling can happen. It's best to give your cardigan or jumper a little Self-Care-Sunday treatment with an occasional session with the de-pilling comb, ideally prior to washing.

In short, our knits love to be loved and we hope these tips help to keep them that extra bit loveable for you.