Elle Wright is a blogger and author of The Sunday Times Bestselling book “Ask Me His Name." Writing about the loss of her son, Teddy, in 2016, Elle has been instrumental in opening up the conversation around pregnancy and child loss to the media and via her widely read blog Feathering The Empty Nest.

She partnered with the Strong Girls Club in 2018 with the launch of the lilac special edition colourway tshirt which has raised over £19,000 for Tommy's the Baby Charity.

What challenges have you faced in your life, recent or past, that you think have changed your view of your position in the world?

We lost our son, Teddy, in 2016 after a full-term pregnancy. He died at 3 days old in a Neonatal Intensive care unit. From that moment on my perspective of everything was changed forever.

What did you think of yourself before that time, and how has your view changed?

I suppose I always thought that whatever I planned for was likely to happen.  Now I understand that sometimes it really isn’t up to us, and that the universe can have very different plans for us than the ones we had envisaged.

What would you tell your younger self?

Please don’t stress about the little things. They really, really, don’t matter.  Be more grateful for what you have, tell people you love them every single day.

What does ‘being strong’ mean to you?

Carrying on, even when you think you can’t.

What’s your one rule to live by?

These days it is enjoy every single happy moment to its fullest; live it, breathe it. You never know what’s around the corner, so enjoying those happy moments is vital.

When are you at your happiest/ what brings you joy?

When I’m at home, pottering in the garden in the summer months, with Boris (the pug) and my husband. It really is the simplest things that make me happiest these days. (Also, maybe add in an ice-cold glass of Provence Rose to that scene?!)

Who is in your club? And why?

My club has an open-door policy.  I think, what I realised after Teddy died was that I suddenly felt really isolated; excluded even.  Like I had almost made it into the Motherhood club and then been unceremoniously booted out.  I never want anyone else to feel like that; like they don’t belong.  If someone has a good heart and I get a good vibe from them, then they are firmly in the club.

What does your club mean to you, what do they do for you/ how do they make you feel.

I like to surround myself with people who support one another; who make me laugh, and (most importantly) will allow for my constant requirement to take the piss out of anything and everything.  I think being in a club that makes you feel safe, loved and valued for who you are is really important.

What does being a part of the Strong Girls Club, as a whole, mean to you.

It makes me feel badass. The end.

You can find Elle her over at @feathering_the_empty_nest on Instagram, where she shares fundraising initiatives for Teddy’s Legacy, plus lots of pics of her home, pug Boris and a little bit of everyday life thrown in (it’s a mixed bag!).