Starting school is a huge step for any little one, and it can really bring about a huge range of emotions as they venture into the next stage of their life.

To help them through the transition it's a great idea to surround them with books that help them to explore, communicate and process any new experiences that come about.

By sharing some of our top books with your child, it's likely the stories will encourage them to ask questions and thereby open up about any feelings they may be having.

Here are our top three discoveries.

1. The Colour Monster Goes To School


We're huge fans of the original pop up Colour Monster book, and we love this funny and colourful story of a little girls and her friend, the Colour Monster, at their first day of school.

2. Me and My Fear


Normalising the emotion of fear so that it doesn't become all consuming is the goal of this gentle, calming and nurturing book. It encourages an understanding that everyone has a little friend called Fear. We find it great in getting little ones to talk about what experiences during the day led to their fear getting bigger or smaller.

3. All About Feelings


A lively and engaging exploration of emotions, helping young people to answer the question 'How are you feeling today?' 

For us these books are an incredible tool to encourage your children to discuss and process their feelings. Another wonderful tool is our Powerful Strong Girls Club Patch. Added to their bag, or inside their school coat, it acts as a reminder of how strong and brave they really are.