We may be a small business, but we recognise that even small footprints can have a big impact. From the very beginning we made sure that the people we work with and the fabrics we use follow our conscious production aims.

Strong Girls Club pink tshirt made with 100% organic cotton

We opt to use organic cotton in the creation of our dresses, tees and sweatshirts. Gemma, our founder, once worked in TV production and development and during her time researching she saw the effects of highly toxic pesticides on workers and also the soil on which the crops are grown. Conventional cotton alone is responsible for 16% of all insecticides sold worldwide. There's another reason why we choose organic cotton; water. Water scarcity is one of the top ten global risks to society over the next ten years. Organic cotton uses significantly less water during its growing cycle. 

EcoVero Maxi dress

We also use EcoVero viscose in some of our dresses. We consider this viscose an affordable alternative to silk, it's derived from sustainable wood, producing up to 50% lower CO2 emissions and water impact these are eco-responsibly viscose fibres.