The Story


The home of the Strong Girls Club was created by Gemma, with the aim of empowering women and girls through positive, strong and meaningful messages.

In 2015 she gave birth to "Little Red," her youngest red-headed daughter. Sadly, the event resulted in birth trauma and subsequently PTSD. It was during this experience that she realised just how important it was to believe in the power of your voice, to truly know your worth and the importance of being heard. She has made it her mission, from that moment on, to make sure that not only her girls, but that others understand this too. She made the decision to speak about her experience, to share the rebuilding of herself and the strengthening of her daughters’ foundations of self-belief, and she built a club, this club.

Before having children she worked in Factual TV Production and Fashion Buying, she combined the skills that she learnt from both of these careers to create a community-led brand with purpose.
Her focus is to remind everyone that You are The Club.

She endeavours to create great quality clothing, that is unique and ethically made. To offer a curated edit of books and toys that support the sense of community and worth that comes from being a part of The Club.  And to be the home of products that not only make you feel empowered, but that you can also trust.

You can listen more about her story via this podcast.

She’s regularly chatting about life; both family, and business on Instagram, so do give her a follow and drop her a DM. And if you find an Alpaca video to send to her, that will certainly make her happy.

The Strong Girls Club represents every woman's strength and sense of self-value.