Free Strong Girls Club Activity Download

We thought that all of the members of the Strong Girls Club might like an activity download in order to help pass the time over the coming months.

I'm thankful to all of you for your continued support, so please do consider this a little gift from me to you.

This is a completely free download and can be printed off at home onto A4 paper. 

Three sheets of Strong Girls Club fun for you to customise as you wish. 


Sheet 1: Re-Colour The Club: This is our original Faces of The Club print, as outlines, to allow for you to add all of the colours that you'd like to it.

Sheet 2: Who's in Your Club: Draw who's in your club. It could be people in history that inspire you, or friends and family. Mix it up how you like and have your very own personal Faces of The Club to hang on your wall.

Sheet 3: Why they're Your Club: A further activity sheet for you to use to explain why these people are in your club. Are they kind, considerate, have they moved mountains, or is it simply because they give you the best hugs.

All you need to do is download (here) and don't forget to tag @mutha.hood on Instagram so that I can see all of your hard work! Sending you all so much hope and love, and never ever forget that YOU are The Club.

Gemma x

"Having something to distract us alone is amazing but you’ve inspired us to start a strong girls project. We are going to choose 5 strong girls each to research and do craft projects,  posters and presentations to each other .
I’m going use my time wisely and teach my 2 girls and my little boy that their futures are defined only by the dreams they dedicate time into make their realities."