Our Story 2

 It was after the birth of my youngest daughter, who I often call my "Little Red," that I built this club, the Strong Girls Club.  Her birth was an experience that almost broke me and that led to PTSD due to birth trauma. But it was also the experience that made me realise just  how important it was to believe in the power of your voice, to truly know your worth and the importance of being heard.
The home of the Strong Girls Club was created, with the aim of empowering women and girls through positive, strong and meaningful messages. Three little words have now become the most incredible and invaluable tool for so many club members and it's a real joy to know that it's not just my girls that I'm encouraging to know their power, but others too.
Although this brand was founded by me, it's truly driven by our wonderful Club. We value our customers beyond measure, and we design and buy consciously to make sure that they feel as special as they truly are.
We work with suppliers who we trust fully, always endeavouring to make sustainable and more eco-conscious choices. We buy in small batches to retain a sense of unique and we also offer a curated edit of books and toys that support the sense of community and worth that comes from being a part of The Club. 
Above all our aim is to strengthen your foundations of self-belief through the values of the Strong Girls Club.
You can listen to me chat more about my story via this podcast with the wonderful Holly Tucker.