We’re absolutely thrilled to launch this limited-edition collaboration with the incredible Sarah Parham, of SVP rings. A selection of her iconic adjustable rings, that will fit any finger, featuring semi-precious stones that all represent the meaning of the Strong Girls Club.


These friendship rings represent qualities of empowerment, self-confidence, awareness and connection. The intention is that they’re shared amongst mothers and daughters, friends and family, to remind us all that we’re ALL a part of the Strong Girls Club.

Designed by the talent that is Sarah, each ring has been meticulously hand crafted by 19 pairs of hands in Jaipur.

Available in both recycled 18 Carat Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver we have the Multi, the Mini Rose Quartz, and Mini Green Chalcedony gemstone options available. The handpicked semi-precious stones are filled with such incredible meaning that we thought you’d like to know a bit about each one;

Rose Quartz: I talk often of how experiences that are sent to test us, can actually be the making of us. We can emerge from them feeling stronger and more aware of our strength than ever before. This stone is one of the most powerful in aiding self-healing. It encourages self-acceptance whilst also representing unconditional love.

Light Green Chalcedony: This stone increases your sense of identity, builds self-confidence and removes feelings of self-doubt.

Rainbow Moonstone: This is the opaque stone featured in the multi cluster ring. Helping us to see more clearly, this stone brings balance, endurance, inner confidence as well as being incredibly healing.



These rings are designed to stack, and as they’re fully adjustable they’re for every finger. Wear them layered and give them to friends to encourage a feeling of connection between you as well as a connection to the meaning of the stone.

I’m so excited to work with such an inspirational local business-woman. I’ve been a supreme fan of Sarah and her range of rings and it feels incredible to be able to launch a selection of stones in her unique setting. Each has been made using craft techniques that have been handed down through 6 generations, with stones that epitomise the Strong Girls Club ethos.

Sarah is fast becoming known as The Queen of Rings. She was the youngest Advertising Art Director in London, as a member of an all-girl team, but with the changing landscape of the profession she decided to take a leap in her mid-forties and change career. She knew, that for her own emotional well-being, she needed to make a change; and luckily for us, she found gems. Whilst visiting her husband in Jaipur she was introduced to the incredibly magical craftsmanship of ring making and the wonder of semi-precious stones by a kind local family. They wanted to thank both Sarah and her husband for the opportunities that they had given their daughter whilst working out there and so they helped to design a ring for her. When she returned home, she received so many requests from her friends and family that she decided to launch SVP. Sarah’s rings are made by Ashok, a sixth generation craftsman, and she visits the Pink City twice a year to have tea with him and visit the gem, gold and silver factories. She’s saved moments of her trips in her Instagram Stories (here)

Sarah lives in Sussex, just up the road from me, she loves meeting for tea and I have indeed had the pleasure of also meeting her glorious 11 month old Mini Australian Labradoodle, Maureen.